Friday, December 5, 2014

Quran Knowlegde at Home
The word Quran is spelled differently in different parts of the word e.g, Quran, Qur'an, Qur'aan, Koran, Coran etc but it doesn't matter how is it spelled the thing is what it contains is important and is same all over the world.

Quran is the only book on earth which is the same as it was centuries ago as this is the last book of ALLAH and it contains all the knowledge of the books sent to prophets before the Quran was reveled on the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (P. B. U. H).

Quran contains all the information for a living person on how to live a prosperous and good life. Quran tells us about ALLAH and how to get closer to ALLAH, it contains all the knowledge about nations which lived on earth before us and the beings which are and were existed before even this universe was created.

Quran is a complete instruction book and its the duty of every muslim to read, understand and follow the teachings of Quran.

If anyone wants to understand Quran properly he has to study the life of Prophet Mohammed (P. B. U. H) and follow the his teachings.

At, we are trying our best to teach you how to read Quran properly and also we help you understand the basic concepts of Islam in light of the teaching and information provided by Quran and the Holp Prophet Mohammed (P. B. U. H).

The knowledge of Quran is for all so anyone can get it no matter what the age and gender. is an online institute and the main focus is to spread the teachings of Quran and Islam to as many people as possible. The purpose of starting this was to reach those people who live in those regions of the world where they have difficulty in finding a Islamic school nearby. provided the ease to families who like to get the Quranic and Islamic education and have difficulty getting it. The online way of teaching has helped many in getting better knowledge of Quran and Islam at there own pace. By this way anyone can get the Islamic and Quranic knowledge anywhere e.g, home, office or on the move. uses the known to all software to teach you Quran. The student needs a good internet connection, headphones or speakers, mic and thats all. will provide a tutor for you who will teach you how to read Quran properly with Tajweed.

To join our program please visit our website today and get yourself enrolled.

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