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Islam Bases

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The word Islam mean "Salamti" peace, and Islam is religion of peace.

Islam is a really simple and there is no boundaries and conservativeness in Islam. The picture of Islam portrayed and the propaganda is baseless, Islam is a really beautiful and logical and full religion.

Islam's base is 5 simple things and belief in those 5 things.

1. Kalima -- It is a phrase in which every muslim has to believe to fulfill his belief (La Illa ha Il lal Lah Mohammed ur rasool ALLAH)
There is no one to worship but only ALLAH and Mohammed SAW is his prophet
This simple phrase and its realization is the base of each and every muslim Emaan (belief).

2. Namaz ( Prayers) -- Namaz and offering it is must for every muslim. Namaz is must (Farz) for every muslim over age 7 and for offering of Namaz there are very strict rules set by ALLAH.
Farz Namaz are 5 times a day and offering them on time will take a muslim near ALLAH.

3. Roza (Fasting) -- Roza is must for every muslim above age 7. Every muslim fasts in the whole month of Ramzan and only sick, traveler, mentally sick and women in the periods time are relieved to perform fast, for all others there is not excuse.
Sick, traveler and women has to fulfill the count after there condition is changed and for mentally sick there is no restriction of any kind. If one cannot complete the count then he or she must give fidya or kafara (a fine or punishment) to complete the count.

4. Zakat -- Zakat is only on those people who are worthy of it. mean a person possessing wealth which is more the the amount of 7.5 tola of Gold is obligated to give zakat to poor as by doing this the distribution of wealth in the society will not be disturbed and there will be no crime as everyone has enough to fulfill there need.

5. Hajj -- Hajj is also must on people who have wealth to go on Hajj. If someone doesnot have a the wealth and health to go on Hajj thee is no restriction on that person to go for Hajj.

Hope the above info will help people understand and May ALLAH forgive me if I have done any mistake in the above.

Thank You

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